If I Built a Car: The benefits of construction toys

If you ever see our playroom or my kids rooms, it's no secret that I love educational toys and children's books! I was so excited when Hudson got new construction toys for his birthday and an adorable book called If I Built a Car by Chris Van Dusen and one of our favorite building toys, Zoobs! If I Built a Car is such an imaginative book! The boy describes his ultimate dream car and to be honest it sounds pretty amazing, who wouldn't want a robot that drives and a pool in the floor?! Isla and Hudson both loved it and have asked to have it read to them multiple times a day. This was the perfect combination gift because of course, after reading, they want to try to build their own car!

We love building and contruction toys! The benefits of playing with these types of toys are endless. It helps with hand eye-coordination, fine motor skills, spacial awareness, creative thinking, problem solving and divergent thinking, the list goes on and on! We have so many legos but I love the diversity of zoobs. The zoo racerz pack in particular is really awesome because the wheels also teach kids about gears and movement as well. Toys like blocks, legos, zoobs, kenex, etc. can also be used to teach sorting, sizes, colors, and counting, just through the simple conversations you have with your children while playing. 

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