Tuesday Tip: Mess Free Activities

I have been trying to reduce the amount of screen time in our home and I have finally found somethings that work for us! I have found multiple (relatively) mess free activities that kids love! I keep all of these activities in our kitchen in a cupboard that is easy for my kids to get out a put away themselves. Yes, my kids have a playroom full of toys but sometimes they would rather be right next to me in the kitchen. They also love doing creative activities and art projects. This way, they can play near by while I make dinner or clean up without being glued to the TV.  These are some of our favorite things we keep in our art/activity cupboard.
Kinetic Sand- My kids could play with this all day, everyday. Hudson literally wakes up and either says "downstairs go eat" or "play sand more." He LOVES it! It's great because it is real sand without the mess. It sticks together, it flows, it's moldable, it's weird, it's awesome! Definitely one of our favorites.
Reusable sticker books- These are so much fun! Each page has a different scene that you can add stickers to. Isla loves to make different princess scenes and then create a story for each page. This is a great way to get creative!
Aquadoodle- Fill the pen with water and then draw as long as you'd like! As the pad dries the picture fades so they can start all over again. This will entertain my kids for at least an hour at a time.
Playdo- Of course you cannot go wrong with good old fashion playdo. Whether you buy it or make it yourself, this is so easy for kids to play with forever! I just get out a few different cookie cutters each time and they will both sit a play with this for a long time. Plus it's inexpensive and easy to clean up!
*None of these products are "sponsored." All of them were actually given to my kids as gifts at one point or another from family and we have just loved them so I'm sharing my actual real life opinion with you!

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