Dress Preservation with Foster-Stephens

Four years ago, I bought Isla the most beautiful blessing dress. After her blessing day was over though, I had a beautiful dress and no idea what to do with it. I wanted to be sure that it would be taken care of though and I hoped to someday give it to her, either to use as a keepsake or use for her own daughters. I started calling around about having her dress preserved. I called dry cleaners, wedding dress stores, and looked online at preservation companies. No where could I find someone that would do it for less the $200. As a couple in medical school with a new baby, $200 seemed astronomical to us. I didn't want to give up on the idea of preserving this beautiful dress and the memories that went with it though. After more searching, I found Foster-Stephens! Foster-Stephens is a family owned company that carries preservation kits for all types of occasions from baby, to graduations, to weddings. They have so many options and they are so affordable! I was able to preserve Isla's dress, including getting it properly dry cleaned at my local cleaners, for less than $50!
I personally chose to use hanging preservation bags for Isla, Hudson, and Nora's blessing outfits. Foster-Stephens also carries boxes but with how much we move, I'm always worried about boxes getting crunched so for us, hanging bags are the way to go! The kits they provide come with everything you need to ensure that your item is well preserved, they include the tissue paper and even gloves to help keep your garment free from oils that can damage it over time. The muslin bags also come inside of another muslin bag that is great because I use that for the beautiful blessing blankets that my mother-in-law has made for each child. 
I reached out to Foster-Stephens to sponsor this post because I truly love what they do and what they represent as a company. They are a family working together to help our families preserve memories that can last forever. My grandmother recently gave Isla and Nora a kimono that was given to her by her father when her returned home from Japan during WWII. It is over 70 years old and very delicate, I feel so honored that my grandmother has entrusted me to care and preserve it for future generations and I hope it will last at least 70 more years! 
Now through the end of May, Foster-Stephens is offering 20% off any product with the code: beautifulyou. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to care for and preserve the items that mean so much to you! For more information visit Foster-Stephens.com. I have also included their instructional video for storing dresses below, this is for a wedding dress but the same idea applies to all garments. It is so simple, every one can and should do it!

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