Tuesday Tip: Laundry

I was recently asked to start including my "Tuesday Tips" on my blog since they are gone after 24 hours on instagram. So I thought I would go back to my very first one and catch up from there!

I hate laundry with a passion, the only thing I dislike doing more is the dishes. So to finally get a system that works for me I implemented one easy thing that has changed my whole laundry game, and the best part is it is super simple and saves me so much time.

I only do one load of laundry each day. This is my schedule:

Monday- Socks/Underwear
Tuesday- Darks
Wednesday- Lights
Friday- Sheets, anything I really need washed, or hand wash items.

The biggest thing that has helped me buying a laundry sorter. Now all of our laundry is already separated, so first thing in the morning I throw in a load of laundry. Then after breakfast and morning tasks, I put the load in the dryer. Since our laundry is right across from our kids bath, I usually fold while they bathe since that way they can't undo all of my folding! This system has really worked for me and has made laundry so much more bearable! Hopefully it helps you as well!

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