Tuesday Tip: Starting Your Garden

Planting your own seeds is a great way to get your garden started early and without having to spend quite as much as you would on potted plants. Last year I was able to take a small gardening class at our local nursery and I'm so excited to implement all that I learned on our own garden this year! Here are some easy tips to help you start planting your own seeds!
-Most seeds are best planted 4-6 weeks before you are ready to transfer them outside!
-Use biodegradable pots, peet pots, or similar containers that you do not actually have to remove the plant from when you transfer them into the ground. This makes transferring so much easier and usually more successful since you won't accidentally break off roots on small plants and ruin their root system. Did you know you can even save things such as toilet paper tubes to plant in?! It is a great way to recycle and they are the perfect size for planting seeds!
-Always use a seed start soil. Seed start soil is sterilized so that your plants are less likely to develop fungus and disease that can happen if you plant them directly in the ground.
-Covering your plants or keeping them in a clear container help create a greenhouse effect which will make it so you don't have to water as often and I feel like helps them grow quicker too!
-Last, be sure to thin your plants as directed so that you have them best chances of a strong plant for your garden.
Wishing you good luck and a green thumb this planting season!

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